GK Plus Innovations, with their deep understanding of drilling processes and tools, has perfected a methodology to minimize the effect of drilling efficiency on MSE to generate an advanced GKPI Frac MSE™, providing a better picture of the formation characteristics.

GK Plus Innovations is a leader in this area with hundreds of wells already analyzed for fracturing.  We have developed advanced techniques to handle distortions observed in drilling due to connections, faulty zeroing, inadvertent changes in Flow, SPP or RPM, downlinks, sliding and controlled drilling.  Using our drilling equipment and process knowledge, we manually review the entire lateral section foot by foot to further enhance MSE. 

Drilling data is analyzed by resources with 20+ years of expertise in the drilling process, drilling tools, instrumentation and software. With quick turnaround of just 3-5 business days, GK Plus Innovations can support your completion design team with timely and high quality MSE data.