Thermal & Mechanical Design Engineering Services

Thermal/Fluid Flow Engineering

20 years experience in thermal/fluid flow simulation modeling.  Create CFD (computational fluid dynamics) FEA models to evaluate thermal and fluid performance of product designs and propose changes to optimize thermal operation.   Thermal testing and verification. Volumetric airflow and airflow impedance (pressure drop) testing.

Thermal/Fluid Simulation and Testing Programs: John P

  •   Computer servers
  •   Circuit board / IC level analysis
  •   Industrial test equipment
  •   Consumer products
  •   Medical equipment
  •   Oil services equipment
  •   Solar installations
  •   LED lighting
  •   Air purifiiers
  •   Avionics

Software Tool:  Maya FEA

Test Equipment:  Cambridge Air Velocitiy Sensors;  Airflow Measurement Systems Airflow Test Equipment

Mechanical Design Engineering

25 years mechanincal design experience.  CAD design/documentation, material selection, stress analysis, proto build and test verification.  Experience in designing sheetmetal, machined, cast, and injection molded plastic parts.

Mechanical design of:

  •   Computer servers
  •   Computer racks/cabinets
  •   Telecom equipment
  •   Consumer products
  •   Heatsinks
  •   Oil services equipment
  •   Battery modules
  •   Medical devices
  •   Industrial test equipment/fixtures

CAD Software Tool:  Solidworks