Goddard Consulting


Goddard Consulting specializes in developing advanced modeling, simulation, data analysis and visualization software for clients across a range of business sectors. These include financial services, automotive, aerospace, telecommunications, and the mining, energy and process industries.

Using development environments such as the MATLAB and Simulink suite of numerical analysis software, together with other technologies such as C++ and VBA, allows us to solve a wide range of design and implementation problems for our clients.

Leveraging expert knowledge in areas such as system modeling, control law design, targeting of embedded processors and computational finance, we work with clients to define specifications and then implement, test and deploy their applications. Our objective is to develop a custom application that enables clients to better understand their systems and quickly evaluate their analysis and deployment options.

Goddard Consulting has decades of experience developing custom applications, and have successfully completed projects for clients across Canada, the USA, Australia, and the U.K and Europe.