Bill Koederitz

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Dr. William L. (Bill) Koederitz is a recognized authority in the field of developing and applying technology to solve real-world problems, specializing in the use of automated information and control systems as implementation vehicles. His pioneering work in self-diagnosing drilling data systems, automated real-time optimization of the drilling process and automated control of downhole weight on bit helped establish National Oilwell Varco as an industry leader in drilling automation.

Dr. Koederitz has worked with leading companies such as Occidental, Precision Drilling, Shell Research, Exxon, Chevron, BP, ConocoPhillips and Chesapeake to develop and test practical solutions to improve drilling performance and reliability. His work included identification of functional requirements for solution, development of technology and system methodology, software design and construction, prototype testing in the field and enabling commercialization of the solution. Equally important, he developed the user interaction methodology and user interface design enabling appropriate utilization of the solution by the end users on the drilling rigs.

Dr. Koederitz has BS, MS and PhD degrees in Petroleum Engineering from Louisiana State University and is a Licensed Professional Engineer in Texas. He has published numerous technical papers and holds several patents. He is member of SPE. He is active in mentoring students and providing industrial lectures at various universities.

Bill can be contacted by phone (512) 413-8453 or by email